Hello! Need some new images for your portfolio?



Above is our packages for model testing, we are more than willing to tailor the shoot to your portfolio needs and figure out a time that will work best for you! 

Shoots are usually located in the Gangnam or Hongdae area. In the model tab of the site are some photo samples you can expect to get during your photoshoot- but each shoot is a little different, and like previously mentioned we can tailor each shoot to your needs.  

If you ARE signed with an agency (you can let me know in our emails after booking) they will more than likely help you prepare outfits from your own wardrobe.

If you are NOT signed with an agency, here are some clothing tips:

You are to bring various wardrobe options. The outfits should be new/clean, form flattering to your body & color/pattern neutral. Avoid busyness, excess bulk & logos. The goal should be to bring wardrobe options are are timeless not trendy, & usable worldwide. Garments ideally should be neatly pressed, lint free, on a hanger & placed in a garment bag.
» Basics (tank tops, skinny jeans, jean/leather shorts/skirts/jackets, fitted dresses, button up/blouses, etc)
» Shoes (stiletto, strappy heels, thin-heeled boots, etc. Clean)
» Bra/Underwear/Swimwear (black/white/nude, seamless/strapless, solid/lace)
» Tights/Leggings/Bodysuits (black/white/nude/solid/sheer)
» Optional accessories (jewelry, belts, scarves, gloves, etc)
» Emergency hair & makeup kit.

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